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Bouquet of Flowers

Feminine Flower Shadow Work Courses

Feminine Flower Shadow Work (2) Class Bundle

Empower yourself while saving time and money by purchasing both classes at a wonderful price.

Feminine Flower Shadow Work (Intro)

Learn how to gently introduce relaxation and pleasure into your daily life.

Moving with Intentions/ Intro Sexual Healing

Empower yourself by learning your true desires while creating a foundation of your sexual self. Of course, fun out of the box ideas are detailed within this class.

*This safe space is reserved ONLY for Black Women & Women of Color*

Why is this Shadow Work Needed?

A woman's womb literally holds on to everything she experiences. All good, bad and traumatic memories are stored there.

Menstrual cycles with symptoms of heavy bleeding, painful cramping, to low back pain, are all too common within our community. Most woman can testify to still going thru these symptoms.

Acknowledge the things your Yoni has gone thru. All the while showing yourself compassion. This is a safe space for you.

Let's get started. Join the class!

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