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Katara Parker is a Spiritualist and Intuitive Healer located in the Hampton Roads area. As a Hampton Roads native, her goal is to help heal her community through spirit work.

Since early childhood, she has been attracted to herbs and crystals. She also recounted being extremely intuitive and sensitive to energy around her. Katara said "I thought everyone had the gift of feeling energy and hearing spirits. The older I got the more I realized that it was not normal, and this is a gift." It was in 2017 when she started having thyroid issues and severe chronic neck pain. At that point she started to take her spiritual journey more seriously. Her spiritual work helped heal her physically, mentally and emotionally. "I am a living testimony that God is good and it's never too late to start your healing journey. I have survived two abusive relationships, chronic pain and neck surgery. My ancestors had my back the entire time. They've helped me feel empowered to break my own toxic cycles. I want to help others do the same".

"Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. I can show you where to begin your journey." 

- Katara Parker



Katara Parker

Owner of Healing Love and More

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